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Lecuyer's Lodge Trophy White Tail

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Lake of the woods region, host some of the finest Canadian hunting. Lecuyer's Canada Lodge, the Lecuyer's family and their staff of top professional hunting guides, hold a world class reputation for offering the finest in fair chase hunts in the Ontario wilderness. Whether you are hosting a corporate outing or a private group, our skilled guides will ensure the finest Canadian hunt possible for, Trophy Canada whitetail deer, Ontario moose, and bear, including combo hunts. Ontario is also host to some of Canada's finest water fowl, a large verity of ducks and geese, and up land game including grouse. This is all based out of our great hunting lodge. Specializing in all inclusive package plans, for sportsmen, families and corporate groups. Outstanding accommodations, meals, equipment and service, a family built, owned and operated resort since 1946.

Deer...Island Bush Hunts

Long before the great turnaround in the deer herds south of the Canadian border, this was the area known as the place to go if you were going to bag a big deer with heavy racks, and this still holds true! If you're looking for a fenced-in hunt like you'd get elsewhere, Lecurey's Lodge does not offer this.. This is still and will always be the untamed north country. There are no sections quartered off, no roads every ¼ mile. Just a lot of great forested hunting land.  

At Lecurey's Lodge we are hunting on over 50 square miles of government land. Hunts take place on the many islands and peninsulas that are on our lake as well around the vast logging areas around us.  

To grasp the tremendous mass of area we are hunting, you should first know this, the lake has over one million surface acres of water. Over 14,684 islands, more than 65,000 miles of shore line. Fact is, we need not ever hunt the same island or peninsula more than once. Providing every group that hunts with us, fresh untouched or previously disturbed trophy whitetail opportunities.

Lecurey's Lodge accepts only a limited amount of hunters each year, helping to ensure a successful hunt.

Northwestern Ontario has consistently and will continue to produce heavier bodied ( the largest body size in north America ) and large racked deer. They are plentiful here. Racks ranging from 10 to 20 points are not uncommon. Field dressed, these deer are weighing from 225 to 300 lbs. average 255lb. The deer range from 130's to mid 170's typical, 165 to 250 non- typical. 

Consistently, harvesting a good 60% on an average year to a high of  75 % success rate or better on a great year !

Lecuyer's Canada Lodge is smack dab in the middle of the 6 best hunting zones in Ontario. These zones hold the highest concentration of deer. One of these zones has also been designated bow and muzzle loader exclusively and has been that way for several years. Lots of these deer have never seen man their whole life. Within minutes from the lodge you can be hunting that trophy buck you've always dreamt about.  

Ontario hosts the second largest population of whitetail deer in all of  Canada!

Lecuyer's has a mix of terrain - from high rocky, heavily treed ground to low swampy areas and beaver ponds. There are over 1 million acres of boreal forest surrounding undoubtedly the finest forage, cover and protection that make for bigger, older deer. This is the best place for reclusive old bucks to get away from the hunting pressure. This is not a hunt for the weak or timid. This is perhaps the finest, true trophy white tail hunt left in north America. You   must be in relatively good shape, as you may expect to walk 1/2 - 3 miles a day. You may also harvest a timber wolf at small extra charge on this hunt.

Less than 10 % of mature bucks in this area are harvested by hunters!... average age of deer harvested, 4.5 - 7.5 years of age. More mature bucks here, are killed by timber wolves and the winters that are so hard on old bucks!

Our hunts run 5 days and are buck only.   Lecuyer's Canada Lodge employs the finest qualified, most highly skilled  guides available anywhere. These men love to hunt and love being in the bush. They respect it,  gives back to them employment and food for the long, cold winters. They'll employ for you all their secrets and techniques - all of the knowledge passed on to them from their fathers, whose only store back then was Mother Nature's, and for the most part, still is.  

We hunt peak rut times only, and after all foliage is off the under brush !... 
All hunting areas have been pre scouted, to help insure a successful hunt!... 

Here we use the three basic styles of deer hunts . . . tree stands, stalking and slow drives. The methods vary with the area your hunting, size of your party, weapons, weather, time of day, etc. This place has long been known by the few who were not afraid to venture forth as the place to bag BIG deer. Just ask around . . . talk to any old-timers who were here. They will all tell you that you haven't hunted woods until you've been in our bush. Contac us now to get started on your Canadian Trophy Deer Hunt. Put the odds in your favor, be one of the few to bag a true northwoods trophy buck.


Farm Land Hunts:

Lecuyer's has put together a lease on over 8,900 acre's of wood's and farmland, 45 miles south west of the lodge. 5 farms encompassing 32 separate pieces of Prime hunting property. We have exclusive hunting rights for several years on all the properties. Together with each land owner we are managing both the type of hunt and number of hunters. Unlike the Island/ bush hunts, here we are stand hunting only. We have built some of the finest tower stands anywhere. Being 18' off the ground, with a building 6' by 4' by 6' high. Shooting lanes out all 4 sides, padded swivel seat and urinal, they are very comfortable. Along with the tower blinds we also use the new giant bail blinds and ladder stands. All are over Alfalfa fields on the timbers edge. This small pocket of Ontario grows some of the richest Alfalfa in the world! The deer love it. There are plenty of river bottoms and watering holes scattered throughout the land. Here, we do three, 5 day hunts, taking only up to a maximum of 16 hunters in one season. For those who do not like to walk, this is the hunt for you. You will see plenty of deer each day. Our guides will transport you and you party to your blinds each day. Here we provide one pro guide for each two hunters. Your guide will be spotting off a different stand for you, in case you may not see something you like. Managing the hunt was the only way in which these farms would allow this land to be hunted for the first time. Should you book with a party of 6 or more hunters in you group, we will not take any other hunters on the farms the same time. Ontario host the second largest whitetail deer herd in Canada. This hunting zone host one of the highest deer densities in the entire province. This is the same deer herd as in northern Minnesota. The state of Minnesota has the highest number of record book bucks, in the top 50 ever taken. Some of our land is actually just on the other side of the river that separates Canada from Minnesota. The difference being, you will not have a million hunters walking through the woods with you. This is a great opportunity to harvest a Canadian trophy of your own. Our package is all inclusive with no ad on trophy or license fee's. We look forward to having you join us on this trophy Canadian whitetail hunt.


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