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Canada Lecuyer Lodge Professional Master Guides


Dan Lecuyer Owner/Manager

Professional Master Guide Wildlife Educator, Whitetail, Moose, Bear, Waterfowl

    Dan grew up in the hunting lodge business. Assisting other veteran guides on their hunts at a young age, learning most of his skills through his father who started the lodge in the mid 40s. Dan's knowledge of BIG GAME Animals, Waterfowl and their habitat has produced a great many super hunts for his many clients. As well, Dan's abilities have helped train more than 35 professional working guides. Dan has done many seminars on big game hunting as well as water fowling and written articles as well. Dan oversees all aspects of his clients' hunts as well as being a working guide himself. At the lodge each evening to help answer any questions at days end, as well as insuring all goes smooth for both guest as well as staff.

Rich Organ

Professional Master Guide
Whitetail, Moose, Bear, Waterfowl

    Rich's attitude and bush wise skills, have placed him highly respected by both his clients as well as his fellow professionals. With over 26 years experience on Moose, Waterfowl and 12 years experience guiding for Whitetail and Bear. An avid outdoors man, with a great knowledge for the bush and the animals. One of our top deer guides the past 3 years.


Everett Jackson

Master Guide
Whitetail, Moose

    'EV' has over 35 years experience in Big Bush hunting for Whitetails and Moose. Not many know it any better. Coming from a long line of hunters in a large family. is skills in locating, tracking are some of the best in the business. Ev is a master mechanic by trade. We are very fortunate to have his services during the fall hunting season.

Jerry Lecuyer

Master Guide
Whitetail, Moose

    Dan's brother Jerry has over 27 years in deer and moose hunting. He grew up in the business and has had excellent success in his ability to call Big Moose. Taking time off each fall to guide in Big Bush as well as Farmland Whitetail hunts. During this coming moose and deer season, let Jerry help put you on your next trophy.


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